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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Million Dollar Traders (Full Series )

Trading is a lot of fun - once you've grasped the concepts - and you have little distraction - the best traders make money from the morning newspapers - that dictates what they trade on for the day - then the best traders react to events that happen that day and trade accordingly. I enjoyed watching this series, reminds me of my early prop trading days. Stress and more stress. Wish I had a nice boss like Anton Kreil and lex when I first started

I'm a technical trader. I built (designed) a bespoke trading technology (system) prototype. Most of the trading ideas (indicators) that I use are custom designs. Years worth of research, design, development, testing and analysis. Most people who don't know any better say that what I've done, is simply impossible. That's only because they've not been able to do it themselves. What you are seeing in this video series, is pure Fundamental trading - they are not technicians.


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