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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Violent Protests in Bangladesh as Stock Market Plummets

ReutersVideo--January 20, 2011--Bangladeshi stock investors riot on the streets of Dhaka, police responding with batons and tear gas.I guess Bangladesh doesn't have a Computer Plunge Protection Team like our Wall Street does.it would of happened here in the USA to if they didn't have the plunge team buying worthless stocks to make it look healthy.Just a matter of time before either collapse of dollar through deflation or hyper inflation.

So the speculators took a hit and now they're mad; I find it difficult to sympathize. These are the same people who invested in companies that exploit workers, and whose interests are protected in the most brutal fashion possible. They say Karma is a bitch, and in this case, she's deliver a righteous retribution.Day Traders rioting ?... this is rich !...exactly what do stock traders contribute to Society ?... come on guys, jump out a window like you are supposed to... leave the rioting to those that Are Society...

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