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Saturday, June 13, 2009

the Stock Market for Dummies

The stock market is not right for everyone , you might as well run your finances just by investing in real estate or just putting your money in a Bank , is you are young and just getting out of high school , and just starting in life you might want to look at the stock market but first of all get out of credit card debt that's the first thing you wanna do ...you need to have a strong stomach to start in the stock market ...and remember some stocks could go to ZERO , you can lose a lot of money ...do not worry about what's the DOW is doing or what's the NASDAQ is doing just follow your heart your brain your decision..

Stock Market Tutorial Financial Basics

when you are a beginner in the stock market : do not buy options , do not be a day trader , do not buy or sell puts or calls you do not what they are do not look them up, do not do not buy derivatives , do not buy stocks in a partnership there is a heavy tax paperwork every year behind them , when you buy stocks in any company check it out on the internet you can use yahoo financial pages and there many other sites with financial informations wher you can find almost any stock once you know the stock symbol ..the rule of thumb is "Buy Low sell high "
things do to : buy a diversity of stocks do not put all your eggs in the same basket , study ETF Exchange Traded Funds

Beginner Stock Investing Top 5 Tips to get you Started

Get the full service of a stock broker they are cheap , use a broker until you get the confidence that you can do this on your own , take the time to educate your self about investing watch as many videos as you can , most investments won't pay off immediately , so you need patience A how to for buying and selling stocks and other financial considerations especially for beginners

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