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Friday, June 26, 2009

What's Next In ETFs?

ETF Friday...commodities ETF oil gold silver ...State Street is developing a new ETF family that adjusts for target-date, with Jim Ross, State Street Global Advisors and the Fast Money traders.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What are ETFs?

  • The secrets you need to know to Trade ETFs Profitably ... BEFORE most investors learn how powerful they really are ...
  • How to use ETFs to trade options to multiply your gains ...
  • How to avoid losing your money by avoiding the most common ETF investing mistakes ...

ETFs are portfolios of stocks, bonds or in some cases other investments that trade on a stock exchange much the same as a regular stock does.

At the moment, all ETFs are essentially index funds, which is to say they track the performance of a specific stock or bond market index or other benchmark.

The first ETFs to hit the market back in 1993 were SPDRs, or "Spiders," which track the Standard and Poor's 500 index of large-company stocks.

Several years later came "Qubes" (so named because of their QQQQ ticker symbol), which track the 100 largest nonfinancial companies on the Nasdaq. Qubes were all the rage prior to the market's meltdown in early 2000 because of they contained some of the best-known and, at the time, highest-flying tech stocks.

Today, by sifting through the offerings of the Big Kahunas in the ETF market -- State Street Global Advisors, Barclay's Global Fund Advisors and Vanguard -- you'll come across ETFs that track everything from the entire U.S. stock market to various slices of it: large stocks, small stocks, value, growth, energy, tech, utilities, REITs -- virtually any industry or sector of the market.

Looking to invest "Over there"? You'll find ETFs that track developed foreign markets overall, individual countries (Austria, China, Malaysia and the United Kingdom to name a few) or even emerging markets.

Want bonds? You can invest in ETFs that mirror the entire U.S. bond market, the corporate bond market, indexes of short-, intermediate or long-term Treasury bonds and TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities).

There are even ETFs that track the price of gold, and another in registration designed to track the price of oil, the first steps toward what may be a slew of ETFs for other commodities (Pork Belly ETFs anyone?).

All in all investors can choose from a smorgasbord of about 150 different types of ETFs. Click watch the video bellow for more...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Personal Finance by Suze Orman

The American stock market is not what it used to be according to Suze Oman .
Suze Orman speaks about index funds, Exchange Traded Funds ETFs and investing overseas
...you should to be an "active Investor" and keep yourself up do date on what's going on on the market so that you can make a decision and hopefully the right decision at the right time

Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Buy Stock : Investment Advice

When buying stocks (company shares), take time to research the investment, develop a strategy of when to sell stocks and find a brokerage that is registered with a regulatory organization, such as the Stock Exchange Commission. Create a stock trading model with the help of this free video from an experienced floor trader on investing.

Expert: Mark Griffith
Bio: Mark Griffith has graduated in economics and philosophy at Clare College, Cambridge. He has been a futures and options floor trader at LIFFE (London International Financial Futures Exchange).

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stock Market Technical Analysis

The markets continue to drop.Big sell off in the financial last 10 minutes of the day ,

Saturday, June 13, 2009

the Stock Market for Dummies

The stock market is not right for everyone , you might as well run your finances just by investing in real estate or just putting your money in a Bank , is you are young and just getting out of high school , and just starting in life you might want to look at the stock market but first of all get out of credit card debt that's the first thing you wanna do ...you need to have a strong stomach to start in the stock market ...and remember some stocks could go to ZERO , you can lose a lot of money ...do not worry about what's the DOW is doing or what's the NASDAQ is doing just follow your heart your brain your decision..

Stock Market Tutorial Financial Basics

when you are a beginner in the stock market : do not buy options , do not be a day trader , do not buy or sell puts or calls you do not what they are do not look them up, do not do not buy derivatives , do not buy stocks in a partnership there is a heavy tax paperwork every year behind them , when you buy stocks in any company check it out on the internet you can use yahoo financial pages and there many other sites with financial informations wher you can find almost any stock once you know the stock symbol ..the rule of thumb is "Buy Low sell high "
things do to : buy a diversity of stocks do not put all your eggs in the same basket , study ETF Exchange Traded Funds

Beginner Stock Investing Top 5 Tips to get you Started

Get the full service of a stock broker they are cheap , use a broker until you get the confidence that you can do this on your own , take the time to educate your self about investing watch as many videos as you can , most investments won't pay off immediately , so you need patience A how to for buying and selling stocks and other financial considerations especially for beginners

Friday, June 12, 2009

Learn Forex Trading Online- How to Trade Currencies

Up until quite recently only large banks and financial institutions were able to trade in the Forex market. Today, anyone with an Internet connection and a modest amount of capital can trade currencies from their home or office.

You can make a rough comparison between the behavior of the different currency pairs in the foreign exchange and the price movements of stocks. As the economies of countries around the world fluctuate, so do their currencies. The astute trader can take advantage of these fluctuations and make a profit by accurately projecting the direction in which they're heading.

Unlike the stock market, the FX is active twenty-four hours a day, five-and-a-half days a week.

Free Trading Platforms and Free Forex Software for Forex Trading Online

Most Forex brokers offer free Forex trading platforms that you can download and watch as the prices change in real time. Some of these platforms even include rather sophisticated software. Comparable software for trading stocks and commodities was sold for hundreds of dollars in the past

If you're not familiar with the Forex you can begin to learn how to trade currency online for little or no money. Most people start with a demo account so they can get a sense of trading without risking real money.

You can even begin your Forex education by searching the Internet for free trading information and, if you feel it's something you want to learn more about, there are plenty of eBooks and software you can buy before you risk any of your money trading.

The Forex market has been around for a long time and is not going anywhere, so there is no rush to gain a proper eduction before actually trading. You will be trading against some of the sharpest minds in the world. In order to be successful you must be prepared.

Some Forex traders trade the news, some base their trades on technical analysis, and others speculate based on a combination of the two. Some Forex firms will help new traders learn Forex trading online by offering free demos, courses, and news feeds along with their quotes.

How Much Money Do You Need to Trade the Forex?

Once you have a basic understanding of the market, a trading strategy and a money management plan, you can begin to trade with as little as several hundred dollars. It's not unusual to feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but within a few months you might feel like you're an old pro at trading.

Although it's possible to earn a lot of money trading the Forex you will have to risk your capital to make it happen.
Most professional traders recommend that when you first start trading you trade for minimal amounts of money. And, whatever your level of expertise, they'd stress that you risk a very small percentage of your capital on any given trade. Five percent is considered a large percentage. Many individual professional traders risk approximately two percent or less of their available trading capital per trade.

Next, for a very affordable beginners course, take a look at 10 Minute Forex Wealth Builder Review. And go to

Sunday, June 7, 2009

US Stock markets soar this week despite the depression

US stock markets climb this week and Fed Chair, Bernanke warns large budget deficits threaten global economy. Treasury yields surge again
the DOW Jones is up , NASDAQ is up cruse oil future jump to record high , the barrel of oil is about 70 dollars this morning , a report from Goldman Sachs says the oil prices could hit 85 dollars a barrel by the end of the year , the bullion market is stable today due to the rise of the dollar, gold prices are now around 960 dollars an ounce . US consuming spending fell in the US for the second consecutive month , the unemployment rate rose to more than 9 percent

The Stock Market for Beginners

The stock market is the place to be , you can make easy fast money in minutes even in seconds , an early retirement is guaranteed , if a poor boy from a small town in Alabama called Jim Rogers was able to became in few years the king of wall street then you too can become one day the king of Wall street , you too can make enough money to retire at age 30 ..it all depends on your ability to learn to adapt and hit the nail in the right spot at the right time ...everything is possible in the stock market , the limit is the sky really...in this blog I will try to teach you the secrets of the trade , step by step you will learn how to start buying and selling shares , how when and where you can make some really easy and fast cash , all in the comfort of your home sipping a hot coffee and watching your assets growing from the screen of your computer ..can't be any easier can it ?!

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